Let's Work Together

When we work regionally, we're working smart and accomplishing more for all residents.

I am running for State Representative for several reasons. I am a doer, not a talker. We need a State Representative who will actually take action on the issues that face us--the opioid epidemic; the broken state aid formula for our public school funding; our crumbling infrastructure; our need for good affordable housing; protection of our aquifer and our drinking water and our farms--rather than talking about doing something about them for 14 years.

As a founding member and former (as of June 2016) Volunteer Executive Director of the Young Peoples' Alliance of Carver, Inc. (YPAC)--the first and only federal non-profit 501 (c)(3) after-school middle-school youth organization in the Town of Carver, my goal and the goal of YPAC's Board of Directors was/is drug- and substance-abuse prevention through growing self-esteem in young people and helping them learn to make healthy choices and decisions. As Executive Director of YPAC, part of my job was to locate and apply for grant money to help fund YPAC's programs; I found, instead, very little state grant money for such programs that was not specifically targeted toward large cities or very specific populations. If elected State Rep., I will support funding for, and state grant money for, both addiction/treatment programs AND prevention programs. The more solid prevention programs we have in place, the fewer treatment/rehabilitation programs we will need. We need to increase state grant monies available to non-profits like YPAC that deal specifically with drug- and substance-abuse prevention in both cities AND non-cities and in working-family areas of our state.

We also need a state Representative who will work actively to support the Foundation Budget Review Commission's recommendation that the formula for state aid to cities and town does not work for a district like the 2nd Plymouth District and needs to be fixed! As your State Rep, I will work to fix this formula so that it works for us again! I also will support more funding for toddler/pre-school reading programs at our public libraries and in our public schools. For the past 20 years, I've been the Volunteer Reader for our public library's toddler program. When the program's funding for supplies was cut, I continued to donate supplies and time to these children and have watched children grow into young adults who do well in school. An interest in reading leads to a curiosity about life, a thirst for knowledge, and, ultimately well-informed citizens who tend to make healthy choices.

As your state Rep., I also plan to get our Route 44 rotary corridor back in the state's Capital Plan; to make good, affordable housing a reality for our towns--respecting both the concerns of our towns and residents and respecting the people who need the affordable housing; and to work actively to protect our environment while improving our economy as I did successfully in the Town of Carver for 20 years.

In order to accomplish these goals, we need a State Representative who will really represent us as a region and work hard to get these things done for all of us.

Our Aquifer

Our precious, valuable aquifer crosses seven town lines and so should we if we intend to preserve, protect, and profit from this unique resource. There's nothing else like it in Southeastern Massachusetts and our three towns are sitting on top of it.

As Chair of the Plymouth Carver Aquifer Advisory Committee, I worked with a seven-town coalition that included Carver, Middleborough, and Wareham to protect this resource for ourselves and for future generations.

Affordable Housing: Local Control and Respecting the Concerns of Our Residents

I know something about affordable housing, having grown up poor and never really having had a permanent home until my husband and I moved here 24 years ago.

The towns in our district need some affordable housing that the state recognizes as legitimate. At the same time, we need to respect the legitimate concerns of the residents of our manufactured homes. As a former Planning Board member, I have a long history of success bringing quality affordable housing to Carver and respecting the concerns of all residents.

Regional Planning Issues

My experience on the Carver/Plymouth/Wareham Task Force that met with AD Makepeace to discuss regional land development, the Plymouth/Carver Aquifer Advisory Committee, and as a longtime Commissioner with Southeast Regional Planning and Economic Development (SRPEDD), have convinced me that we must tackle planning issues on a regional rather than municipal level. To succeed, we must take the same regional approach at the State House and represent all towns in the our district with a united front.