What Has Sarah Already Done?


Her Proven Ability to Get Things Done: In her 20 years as an elected official, Sarah has delivered on every single one of the promises she made to voters. Sarah knows how to reach across the aisle, get to agreement, form effective teams and partnerships, and actually get real things done for her constituents.

Our Finances: As an elected official, Sarah has a 20-year record of success in not only "holding the line" on taxes through smart growth, land preservation, etc., but also in actually saving residents money on the bills they pay every month while working to maintain services and delivering balanced budget after balanced budget.

Our Environment: She has worked to ensure that we maintain our environment for ourselves and for our future, preserving hundreds of acres of land from tax-negative development and ensuring that our drinking water and aquifer are protected.

Our Children: At the same time, she has worked to ensure that our children and young adults have the education and opportunity to make smart life choices and that they enjoy learning. She and the rest of the Board of Selectmen also found ways to lower the cost of a much-needed new elementary school so it was affordable to the residents.

Public Safety: She has lead the way in ensuring public safety by partnering with Emergency Management in disaster preparedness exercises and planning, and by co-authoring the Hazard Mitigation Plan required for state and federal emergency assistance. She has worked to connect our young people and their parents with our Police, Fire, and EMS departments both through her Story Hour at the Public Library and as former volunteer Board member, Interim Executive Director, and Executive Director of YPAC.

Her Technical Knowledge: She used her experience in land use, conservation, grant-writing, and research to spearhead the Town's first Master Plan in 21 years, to lead the team that brought the Town's Open Space and Recreation Plan up to date, and to co-author the Hazard Mitigation Plan.


December 2016 to present: Board of Directors, South Shore Community Action Council, Appointed Carver/Plympton Selectmen's Representative

(—Above description taken from the SSCAC website.)

2012 to 2016: Young Peoples' Alliance of Carver, Inc. (YPAC), Founding Member

March 2016 to June 2016: Volunteer Executive Director, YPAC

July 2015 to March 2016: Interim Executive Director, YPAC

January 2013 to July 2015: Vice Chair and Program Director, YPAC, Board of Directors

1996 to present: Volunteer Reader, Tuesday Toddler Story Hour, Carver Public Library

1998 to present: Chair of committee that built Carver's first community playground

2009 to present: Carver Board of Selectman, member

1999 to 2014: Carver Conservation Agent

1998 to 2008: Carver Planning Board, member

2006-2009: Served on Community Preservation Committee